We work on the design and management of projects across several typologies. Our goal is to work with clients; guiding their aspirations and needs into physical reality with a level of excellence and control beyond what they could normally expect. This includes advice on innovative design and managing the coordination of information between various consultants on major, complex projects.


Working with numerous diverse developers and consultants in the industry, our design teams have developed a niche in designing both complex, largescale developments as well as smaller boutique projects. In fact, a major part of our portfolio in the region comprises mixed-use developments that integrate multiple components – namely commercial, residential, hospitality, medical and educational – all in one convenient location.


We believe that great design need not be created through arrogance and ego, but in a way that can sustain us all and allow each of us to grow and learn.
Great ideas can come from anyone on the team, and design inspiration from a range of sources, including art, science, history or philosophy.